Compression Gear for Recovery

[text size=”14″ line_height=”22px” font=”Arial”]”You don’t get stronger when you work out, you get stronger when you recover from working out.” – Earl Walton, Endurance Racing Coach with TriLife Tailwind Endurance[/text]

The best endurance athletes know exactly what this quote means. They know that training and racing is only half the equation that leads to a stronger racer. They know that when you work hard, you need to recover just as hard. That means strategically resting your mind, body, and soul in preparation for another cycle of training/racing. For me personally, that means reconnecting with family and friends, tweaking the upcoming training schedule, and making sure my body is ready for what’s ahead which will surely be more intense than what’s already passed.

That last bit is the tricky part and it only gets harder as the season goes on. Maybe that slightly tweaked calf starts acting up a bit more often. Maybe that pesky IT band feels a bit tighter. But as any sidelined athlete can tell you, neglect those those nagging injuries now and soon enough they become an obstacle not even the best racer can conquer.

And that’s why we now stock CW-X Recovery Gear.

CW-X Recovery Gear is specifically designed to facilitate your body’s recovery efforts after grueling endurance events. They stabilize areas like IT bands, hip flexors, quads, knees, calves and Achilles, to reduce fatigue while the patented CW-X Support Web delivers targeted compression to increase circulation and minimize lactic acid buildup. The result: reduced muscle soreness and speedier recovery…meaning you can get back to back to doing what you love faster, with fewer maladies.

But don’t just take our word for it (though we think this stuff is a steal at the price!), do some homework and check out what Active and Competitor have to say. Then decide for yourself.