OCR Gear Ambassador Program

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Well, it’s been a bittersweet morning for us.

As you might have heard, about two weeks ago we began accepting applications for our OCR Gear Ambassador Program. And after combing through hundreds upon hundreds of applications, we finally whittled down the list to about 50 amazing athletes that we’ve asked to rep our brand (and OCR) in the marketplace.

These decisions were not taken lightly and to be honest, this has been one of the most difficult things we’ve done in our company’s short history. In each application, you could truly feel the passion that each person had for the sport and their desire to be involved. It’s heartbreaking that we can only carry so many athletes …but rest assured that as we grow so will this program. That’s a promise.

So…the bad news is that we couldn’t accept everyone that applied. But the good news is that we have a bunch of amazing athletes that we will partner with to help grow OCR Gear and the sport of obstacle racing.

So without further adieu, I give you the inaugural group of OCR Gear Ambassadors:

Edward Guyer
Joseph Farrar
Delaine Anderson
Oscar Salcedo
Wayne Lingle
Nathan Anderson
Ken Herzog
Michael Santore
Jameson Pew
Jeremy Board
Pete Greenfield
Mike Hardy
Keith Allen
Minna Urrey
Paul Mitas
David Criscola
William Wolfe
Scott Katzenstein
Andrew Ford
Elizabeth Walker
Michael Salmon
Paul Almanza
Vinnie Rubino
Rob Riddle
Kesha Harris
Michael Matter
Hope Epton
Cindy Hooper
Josh Chace
Ilene Boyar
Paul Dulin
Steven Olavarria
Scott MacKenzie
Eric Hansen
Carlos Lopez
Alex McKeown
Christina Babcock
Cody Wright
Heather Ostrander
Don Quaintance
Erica Pophal
Daniel Krueger
Tyler Barchek
Tony Middleton
Loren O’Brien
Mac Alaniz
James Driscoll
Steve Noviello
Clarence Heninger