Points for the People!

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Howdy OCR fanatics, we’ve got some cool news to share. We’ve been working on a few projects in the background for a while and today we’re excited to let you guys know about one of them, which we think is a very exciting update to OCR Gear.

We’re announcing a loyalty “points” program by which every dollar you spend earns you points. You then redeem those points for free stuff. It’s simple: buy stuff, get points, get more stuff.

Here’s the current breakdown* of how to snag points:

  • Get one point for every dollar spent
  • 100 points = $10 towards any purchase
  • Signing up for an OCR Gear account gets you 25 points
  • Leaving a product review for something you’ve bought gets you 5 points

We will also be giving out points through contests and generally whenever we’re in a good mood (read: when we have a good race). Follow us on facebook to know when all this stuff happens.

Lastly, because we want to do this the right way, we have RETROACTIVELY awarded points to everyone that’s purchased stuff since our opening. So yes, that means you may have free money right now. Log in to your account to check your points total. 🙂

So that’s about it from HQ. Stay speedy out there and as always…happy racing!


*subject to change (but hopefully not!)